Changes to Superannuation Funds

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If changes have occurred to Members or Trustees of a Superannuation Trust Deed, we can provide relevant forms and resolutions for the following:

  • Resignation of Trustee
  • Consent to Act as Trustee
  • Appointment of new Trustee
  • Removal of Members
  • Change of Fund Name
  • Binding Death Benefit Nomination Form (Pro forma)

Superannuation Trust Deed updates are regularly carried out by our Solicitor and, as such, we can update your Trust Deed to reflect all current legislation. It is recommended that your Superannuation Trust Deed be reviewed every two years and updated at least every four years.

What is included in the Changes to Superannuation Trust Deeds Package?

All Forms and resolutions necessary depending on what type of change you are making.

How long does Changes to Superannuation Trust Deeds process take?

All basic changes will be completed and either emailed or posted to you within one day of ordering.

For any other changes, you will be notified by Patricia Holdings staff of an expected timeframe when you place your order.

How to Order

Order Superannuation Trust Deed Amendment Online

Order Superannuation Trust Deed Amendment by Fax/Email

Order Superannuation Trust Deed Replacement by Fax/Email

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