Duty Stamping of Trust Deeds

Patricia Holdings can stamp most Victorian and NSW trust deeds

Patricia Holdings is a registered agent of the Victorian State Revenue Office (SRO), allowing us to duty stamp most of your Victorian trust deeds. This service is in addition to our long standing duty stamping service for NSW trust deeds at the Office of State Revenue (OSR), saving you the time of taking your trust deeds to the Victorian SRO for stamping. Our service extends not only to documents created by us but any Discretionary or Unit Trust Deeds you have with a NSW or Victorian jurisdiction.

All types of trust deeds (with the exception of Superannuation Trust Deeds) established in either NSW or Victoria need to be duty stamped upon execution. This can be done either directly by the relevant state revenue office or by an agent.

As an official registered agent of the NSW OSR and Victorian SRO we can duty stamp your Discretionary or Unit Trust Deeds for you – even if we did not set them up. As long as the state of jurisdiction is either NSW or Victoria, simply send your signed trust deeds and the completed statutory declaration to us and we will stamp your trust deeds and send them back to you. If your trust deed was set up in NSW we can do this within 2 working days, however if your trust was set up in Victoria, the Victorian SRO will not issue a certificate of duty until payment has been cleared which can take approximately 10 business days. 

What is included when Patricia Holdings duty stamps my trust deeds?

Patricia Holdings makes duty stamping your trust deeds easy, as you no longer need to stand in a line at the OSR or SRO or wait for days to receive your stamped trust deeds. With Patricia, you will receive a delivery by registered post containing your original signed trust deeds back, with an official OSR stamp on the first page of each trust deed or an official SRO digital certificate – indicating that they have been duty stamped.

How much does it cost?

Patricia’s fee for duty stamping your trust deeds is a nominal fee to cover our costs of only $77 (inc GST). We charge $88 (inc GST) if your trust deed was not purchased through Patricia.

Stamp duty on establishing trust deeds in NSW is fixed, as long as they are stamped within 3 months of the date of execution. The cost is $500 plus $10 for every duplicate trust deed. For example, if you would like all four copies of your trust deed stamped, the total cost of the stamp duty is $530.

Stamp duty on establishing trust deeds in Victoria is fixed, as long as they are stamped within 30 days of the date of execution. The cost is a flat rate of $200 regardless of how many duplicates you require.

How long does it take to have my trust deeds duty stamped?

Patricia Holdings will duty stamp your deeds within 2 working days of receiving the signed trust deeds and statutory declaration.  The certificate of duty will then be issued immediately if your trust was established in NSW or may take a further 5 business days if your trust was established in Victoria (due to the Victorian SRO requiring cleared payment before issuing). As these trust deeds are then official legal documents, they will be sent back to you to by Registered Post ensure their delivery.

How To Order

Download the relevant the Statutory Declaration for your state.

> Download Statutory Declaration for NSW

> Download Statutory Declaration for VIC

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