Company Incorporations

Patricia Holdings offers an extensive range of company incorporations available to suit all your requirements. All companies are registered Australia-wide through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and come with your own choice of name and state of registration. All constitutions are prepared and monitored for updates by a solicitor who specialises in Corporations Law. Our document folders come in white as standard and also as black.

Patricia Holdings can normally register a company for you in 30 minutes, so you no longer need to buy a traditional “shelf company”. This means that your company will be registered straight away with your own company name, officeholders and shareholders.

Following are a list of company structures which we can provide for you:

Standard Proprietary Company

The majority of our clients throughout Australia prefer to use this type of company. Patricia Holdings offers an online, email version of your company register and Certificate of Registration for only $644 (inc GST). If you would like your documents printed, bound and delivered it is an extra $121 (ie $765).

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Superannuation Trustee Company

This type of proprietary company is registered through ASIC as a company whose sole purpose is to act as the Trustee of a Superannuation Fund (SMSF) and is not permitted to trade in any form. A reduced rate on the Annual Fee payable to ASIC is applicable to this type of company.

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Home Unit Company (Company Title Property)

This company is registered to purchase property with a constitution which contains relevant sections relating to specific aspects such as the plans of the property, by-laws and lot entitlement tables. Notified to ASIC as a Special Purpose Company it attracts a reduced rate on the Annual Fee payable to ASIC.

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Limited by Guarantee Company

Available only to not-for-profit or charitable organisations, this type of incorporation enables the company to nominate an amount for which each member is liable (guarantee amount). Objects of the company can be included in the constitution if desired. Public Companies Limited by Guarantee can usually apply for taxation concessions through the Australian Taxation Office, such as Deductible Gift Recipient Status.

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Unlisted Public Company (Limited by Shares)

Available for companies which are looking to list on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in the future. This company incorporation must have at least three Directors, two of whom must reside in Australia.

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Since 1968, we have incorporated more than 200,000 companies.

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