Standard Proprietary Company Registration

From $644 (inc GST) for email version

Standard private company incorporations are better known as Pty (Proprietary) Companies. Patricia Holdings can normally register a company for you in 30 minutes, so you no longer need to buy a traditional "shelf company". This means that your company will be registered straight away with your own company name, officeholders and shareholders.

Optional printing, binding and delivery - an additional $121 (inc GST)

Patricia Holdings makes company registration easy. We offer an online, email version of your Certificate of Registration and company register documents for only $644 (inc GST). The Patricia Holdings fee is $165 (inc GST) and the ASIC fees are $479. If you would like your documents printed, bound and delivered it is an extra $121 (i.e. $765).

A Company Common Seal is no longer a legal requirement for companies under the Corporations Act.  If you require a Company Seal please advise us when ordering the company. The additional cost for the Company Seal will be $66.

What is included in the Standard Proprietary Company Package?

  • A4 40mm white binder
  • Company Constitution - 1 bound and 1 hole punched copy (extra copies available for $11 each)
  • Division 7A Loan Agreement (included with Constitution)
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Instruction letter
  • Copy of ASIC Form 201
  • Completed Secretarial Register Pages
    • Resolutions of Members
    • Resolution of Directors
    • Allotment Journal
    • Consents to act as Director/Secretary/Public Officer
    • Letter to the ATO re appointment of Public Officer
    • Applications for Shares and Consents to act as Members
    • Register of Directors
    • Register of Secretaries
    • Register of Directors' Shareholdings
    • Register of Members
    • Register of Mortgages and Charges
    • Register of Option Holders
    • Register of Debenture Holders
    • Share Certificates

Optional Extras:

  • Deluxe Black Folder ($33 extra)
  • Company Common Seal ($66 extra)
  • Bank Account Kit ($22 extra email / $27.50 delivered)
  • Downloadable Corporate Register File (.cmy) ($16.50 extra)

How long does it take to register a Standard Proprietary Company?

Normally, ASIC will issue the ACN and Certificate of Registration within a few minutes. This Certificate of Registration will be emailed to you immediately upon receipt by Patricia Holdings. On occasion there may be delays out of our control.

For email delivery companies, the entire company register documentation will be emailed to you within 30 minutes.

If you have selected to have your documentation printed, bound and couriered, documents will be delivered within 4 working hours for Sydney CBD and lower north shore areas (order must be received by 12pm for same day delivery), and will be sent by overnight courier for next day delivery to Brisbane and Melbourne (order must be received by 4pm for delivery the next day) and within a couple of days to Perth and regional areas. 

Share Classes

If you want to only issue ordinary shares in your proprietary company and are unlikely to want to issue shares with different rights in the future you should use our standard single-class constitution. If you want to issue shares with different rights attaching to them you should use our multi-class constitution. You can view the rights attaching to our pdfshares classes.

Division 7A Loan Agreement

Patricia Holdings provides a Division 7A Loan Agreement as a standard inclusion in our proprietary company constitutions whilst many competitors sell these as a separate document for around $100. If you have a Division 7A Loan Agreement in place and your proprietary company makes a loan to a shareholder or an associate of a shareholder in accordance with the agreement, you will avoid the loan being classified as dividends and attracting the unfavourable tax consequences of Division 7A of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (Cth).

Consent Forms

Please note that the Corporations Legislation requires companies to maintain written consents and agreements of its officeholders and members as part of its record keeping responsibilities. 

You can print off Consent templates here. Please ensure these are completed prior to incorporating your company and keep them for filing in your company register. You do not need to provide these to us.

pdfConsent to act as Director
pdfConsent to act as Member - Company Member
pdfConsent to act as Member - Individual Member
pdfConsent to act as Public Officer
pdfConsent to act as Secretary

How to Order

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