June News ASIC Price Increases

Our successful efforts automating a number of internal processes has resulted in benefits to our customers that extend beyond just saving time. 

Price Reduction on Trusts
The great news for our customers is that our prices for email versions of our family, unit and superannuation trusts will be coming down by up to 21%. 


(excl  GST)       

(excl GST)

Family Trust (email version) 



Unit Trust (email version)



Superannuation Trust (email version)




Changes to Packages Pricing and Type
We have made some changes to how packages are presented but we haven't changed the generous discounted pricing that applies to package orders when compared with ordering each part of the package individually.

You will now be able to choose our:
1. Family Trust Package - Proprietary Company and Family Trust
2. Unit Trust Package - Proprietary Company and Unit Trust
3. SMSF Package - Proprietary Company and SMSF Deed
4. Bare Trust Package - Proprietary Company and Bare Trust (Asset Acquisition Trust)
5. SMSF Borrowing (LRBA) Package - 2 Proprietary Companies, SMSF & Bare Trust. 

These changes have been designed to improve the user experience and simplify the online ordering process. To order a package, click here. Alternatvely, you can order by fax or email by downloading our updated order forms here.