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Web Browser Security Updates in 2018

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From 01 May 2018 the web browser you use to make credit card payments must support the current security standards.
Any out-dated web browsers will likely be blocked from the Commonwealth Bank card payment system.

How do I prepare for this?

You simply need to ensure you are using an up-to-date web browser.
If the standard web browser on your Operating System does not have the required support as standard, you may be able to install an alternative web browser.
The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera are available for popular operating systems including mobile devices, and support the latest security standards.
If you are not comfortable with this we advise that you ask someone you know and trust for assistance.  If this is a work device then we recommend that you contact your business's IT support staff.

How to Check

Here is a site which allows you to see the security your web browser supports:

If it shows "Your client is using TLS 1.2" then your browser is ok.
If not, you need to update your operating system and/or web browser.

Trust Deed Updates

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Excluding Foreign Beneficiaries: In response to changes in the law, we are pleased to add a Discretionary Trust Deed that excludes Foreign Beneficiaries to our product suite. The Deed is not yet available to order online (expected mid-January 2018) but can be ordered by contacting our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 1800 226 735. We are also able to provide amendments to existing deeds so that Foreign Beneficiaries are excluded.

Streamlined Trust Deeds: Patricia Holdings is committed to continually improving our documents and in conjunction with NJR Corporate Lawyers we have significantly streamlined and simplified our Discretionary Trusts, Standard Unit Trust, Multi-Class Unit Trust and Hybrid Unit Trust. Our Deeds remain legally sound and have been signed-off by our corporate law experts.

SMSF Pension Commutation

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The Federal Government has recently made changes to the law governing Self-Managed Super Funds.  From 1 July 2017, the maximum account balance that can be used to generate the income to pay a pension is $1.6 million per fund Member. This is a new limit, and many SMSF Pension recipients will have a pension account balance that exceeds the $1.6 million limit. Where a pension account balance exceeds $1.6 million, the ATO may issue a directive to execute a commutation of the amount exceeding this limit either back to the accumulation account, or out of the Fund altogether.

We are pleased to offer a suite of documents that facilitate the transfer of funds or assets back to the accumulation phase, and provide a record to substantiate the status of the accumulation and pension account balances both before and after the Commutation.

Costing just $143 the documents can be ordered from the SMSF Commuation Order Form

Trust Deeds

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Trust Deed orders are now automated, which means PDF versions of our Discretionary Trusts, Unit Trusts, SMSF Deeds and Asset Acquisition Trusts are delivered by email to our clients within minutes of completing the ordering process. Of course, our Full Service couriered product remains available - but now clients have the option to order either or both email and couriered versions of their trust deeds.  

Small Business Champion Awards

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Small Business Champion AwardsPatricia Holdings is honoured to be named as a finalist in the "Business Services" category of the 2017 Small Business Champion Awards. Being named as a finalist in these Small Business Awards is a just reward for the company and our staff who always strive to deliver the highest level of service possible - something our clients have come to expect. 

We are encouraged to know that our mix of quality products, competitive pricing and our constant focus on innovation, combined with old fashioned customer service is being acknowledged by our peers.  

Corporate Register Software files

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We are pleased to announce that we now offer downloadable .cmy Corporate Register Software files as an option with new Company Orders. These files can be used to upload your Company Register details into various Corporate Register software platforms. 

Invoices & Company Incorporations

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You may have noticed some changes to the way we invoice you.  Invoices are now sent to users of our website automatically at the time the order is placed.  If you misplace an invoice you will be able to access and reprint it when logged into the website.  These changes are designed to improve the users experience and increase the website functionality.  If you or your colleagues have any queries or feedback on the changes to our invoicing we would welcome hearing it.

We recently launched automated 24/7 company incorporations.  This means that, if you want to, you can incorporate standard proprietary limited companies and superannuation trustee companies online with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Unless the good people at ASIC wish to review your choice of name manually, or their site is down for regular weekend maintenance, users will generally have their new company incorporated with a full registry sent to their specified email address in less than 10 mins.  Automatic incorporations are not subject to our rigorous checking process thus we strongly recommend users carefully check their company’s details before submitting it for incorporation.

Since 1968, we have incorporated more than 200,000 companies.

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