Resident Director Services for a new Australian Company

Resident Director Services for foreign companies offshore. Australian Resident Directors are a requirement if you're looking to enter the Australian market and setup a company in Australia. Corporations law requires that you appoint one or more local Directors. This can be a big obstacle if you’re new to this market with few local business contacts.

We have partners that offer Resident Director Services in Australia to help get your new company registered.

Please let us know your details below and we will be in touch. Once you have confirmed your Resident Director(s), visit us again to register your new company. Any questions simply contact our support team.


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Why do I need Australian Resident Directors?

It is a requirement under Corporations law for a company registered in Australia, to have a certain number of Australian Residents as Directors.

How many Australian Resident Directors do I need?

For private companies, you will need at least 1 Resident Director. For Public companies, you will need at least 2 Resident Directors and a minimum of 3 Directors total.

How do I add the newly appointed Directors to my company?

We can guide you through the process of registering a company once you have Resident Directors appointed.

What happens when I appoint other Directors and Officers?

Once you're operating in Australia, and no longer require Resident Director Services, we can process these changes for you to ensure ongoing accuracy and compliance with the government regulators.

How much does the Australian Resident Director Service cost?

Resident Director Services procided by our partners are charged at around $4,950+GST per annum. Other providers may quote different pricing based on your circumstances and their offerings.

How long does this take to setup?

Under normal circumstances, this process will take about a week depending on the information that may be required.