Reconstruction of Company Register | Lost company register

If you have lost all the documents relating to your company, or have incorporated by yourself directly through ASIC and do not have a company register, we can prepare the necessary documents for you to reconstruct your Company Register. This includes issuing a constitution and obtaining a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation.

Australian regulations require that companies maintain an up to date Register. Patricia Holdings can reconstruct a Company Register to reflect changes to the company lodged with ASIC from the date of incorporation in order to bring it up to date. We produce all the required minutes, resolutions and consents, and provide up to date registers of Directors, Secretaries and Members. If required, a reconstruction can also include a new constitution for the company with the necessary adoption documentation.

Once complete, your reconstructed Register will be delivered to you in one of Patricia Holdings’ Company Folders.  

What is included in the Reconstruction of Company Register Package?

Reconstruction (as at date of incorporation)  $352

  • A4 Company binder
  • ASIC Certificate of Registration
  • Company Constitution - 1 bound and 1 hole punched copy
  • Members resolution on incorporation
  • Members resolution to adopt new Constitution
  • Directors resolution on incorporation
  • Allotment journal
  • Register of Directors, Secretaries & Members as well as Consents to Act
  • Directors Shareholdings
  • Share Certificates

Reconstruction (up to date)

  • A4 Company binder
  • ASIC Certificate of Registration
  • Company Constitution - 1 bound and 1 hole punched copy
  • Members resolutions as required
  • Directors resolutions as required
  • Allotment journal
  • Up to date Register of Directors, Secretaries & Members including Consents to Act and resignations
  • Directors Shareholdings
  • Share Certificates
  • Copies of all documents lodged with ASIC

How long does the Reconstruction of a Company Register take?

It depends.

For a reconstruction as at the date of incorporation, the process is normally quick. Within 24 hours of receipt of the order we will obtain a copy of the lodged 201 Form and a copy of the Certificate of Registration from ASIC. All documentation will then be prepared and couriered to you.

To reconstruct a Company Register to bring it up to date takes longer, and the time required will depend on a number of factors including the age of the company and the number of changes made to the company since incorporation.  Patricia Holdings staff will contact you upon receipt of the order and advise an expected timeframe.

Upon completion, documents will be delivered by courier.

How much does the Reconstruction of a Company Register cost?

That also depends.

To complete a reconstruction of the Company Register as at the time of incorporation costs $352.

A reconstruction to bring the Company Register up to date costs more and depends on the number of forms lodged with ASIC and their complexity. Patricia Holdings can provide you with an accurate, obligation free quote for your consideration.

If you would like discuss your needs with us please contact us on 02 9953 2399 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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