Registered Office Address
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Reference: 6OUFDOAA

Things to Know

The registered office of your company will be:
Suite 2, Level 1
9-11 Grosvenor Street
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Any mail that is received by us on your behalf will be opened, scanned and emailed to your nominated contact email address. Should any documents require postage or couriering, additional service fees will be charged.

Please note that if Patricia Holdings suspects any disreputable activity, we reserve the right at any time to withdraw our Occupiers Consent and ASIC will be notified.

Patricia Holdings does not provide consent for use of this address as your principal place of business.

While we have a locked mail box at the address, Patricia Holdings will not accept any liability for losses caused to you or anyone affiliated with the Company through loss of mail (howsoever caused) or by stolen mail.

Please be advised that confirmation of your order does not grant immediate consent to use this address as your registered office. Please wait until Patricia Holdings has sent through a letter of Occupiers Consent prior to implementing.

Price for this Order: $220.00