Business Name Search

It is important before registering a business name that you check the availability of the proposed name on the business name register. Luckily, this step in the process is really simple and can be completed online in only a matter of seconds.

How will ASIC determine the availability of a business name?

When checking the availability of a business name, ASIC:

  • disregards “a”, “an” or “the” from the beginning of the name
  • removes plural form
  • omits punctuation marks and spaces
  • ignores the legal elements; and
  • treats words with the same meaning as an identical form of that word (e.g. company, coy and co are considered the same)

There are also a number of words and expressions that are restricted for use for business name registration. In order to use these words or expressions in your business name, the applicant will need to apply for ministerial consent and pay an application fee. You can view these words and expressions on the ASIC website.

What will happen if my name is not available but I lodge the application to register a business name anyway?

If your proposed business name is too similar to an existing business name or company name on the ASIC register, ASIC will reject your application for registration.

What about Trademark and Domain Name availability?

It is important to note that when registering a business name the ASIC business name search tool does not search the Trademark or Domain Name registers. It is advisable before choosing your business name that you independently search these registers.