Learn how to export company registration data from your account to MYOB and QuickBooks.

If you are using MYOB AccountRight or Intuit QuickBooks, you can now export your new company details from your Patricia Holdings account into a spreadsheet format that can then be directly imported into either software.

These exports will enable you to avoid the need to manually rekey all the details into your accounting software, instead setting up a new client record for you, including up to 5 Director/Member names.

How to export your Company Details:

You will need to sign in to your Patricia Holdings account

If you do not have an account, you can create an account for free here.

To export your records, simply select the relevant company details you wish to export by using the tick box, then select “Export to MYOB” or “Export to QuickBooks”. It is as simple as that!

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A file will be produced that can then be used as an import file to either MYOB or QuickBooks, saving you the time in rekeying the data.

Can you export multiple records?

Yes you can! Using the tick boxes next to each company name, select the number of records you want to export and follow the same process.

What details will be exported?

The following company registration details will be exported:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • First director's name
  • Additional Director and/or member names – up to a maximum of 5 as limited by the accounting software