How to setup a Registered Office Address

A Registered Office Address is a requirement for all companies registered in Australia, and is the address published on ASIC's website.

We offer Registered Office Address Services for companies that require a professional registered office when registering a company. A registered office is a Corporations Law requirement and is the address where ASIC will send your correspondence, official documents and notifications. If you are registering a company in Australia and do not want to use your home address (your home address will be made public to anyone that searches the ASIC public records) or don’t have access to an address within Australia, using our Registered Office Address Service will help you fulfil the legal address requirements when registering a company.

If you require a registered office address or would like to learn more about our Registered Office Address Services, simply call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. during business hours and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

What is the Registered Office Address?

Your registered office address will be located at our offices in Neutral Bay NSW 2089 Australia.

How do I sign up for your Registered Office Address service?

For companies not yet registered with ASIC, you can sign up when you’re placing an online order to incorporate your company on our platform. Step 3 of the order form contains a simple check box that allows you to opt in for this service and will prefill the registered office details on the application form for you. You will then be invoiced for your company incorporation and the Registered Office Service for the year at the payment page. ORDER BOTH HERE.

Alternatively, if your company has already been established and you are now seeking a change to your registered office address, you can order only the Registered Office Service online by clicking the “ORDER ONLINE NOW” button above. We will then review your order details, prepare a Form 484 notifying ASIC of your change of address and email to you along with a signed Occupiers Consent letter.

What if I'm not in Sydney?

ASIC does not require that the Registered Office Address is in the same city or state as the Principal Place of Business, which is the address where your company will be conducting its business. The Registered Office Address is the address where certain official documents, communications or notices to the company may be sent or left and cannot be a PO Box.

How much does the Registered Office Address cost?

Our Registered Office Address Service starts from $250+GST per year (if ordered online), billed annually in advance. This service includes forwarding via email any correspondence received from ASIC, ATO and other Government bodies. This service does not include forwarding communications from any other entities by email or otherwise and these will be billed separately based on usage.

How do I receive my mail?

Any communications we receive on your behalf will scanned and emailed to your nominated contact email address. If you require the original copies of the documents, they will be forwarded to your nominated postal address and postage and handling will be charged based on the size and volume of the documents or parcels.

Can I get deliveries to the Registered Office Address?

We request that any non-essential correspondence where the Registered Office Address is not specifically required by sent to an alternative address or PO Box.

What happens when I have my own office?

You can simply notify us via email that you no longer require this service from us and we will prepare the Form 484 notifying ASIC of the change to your address at no cost to you. Once we receive the signed Form back via email or post, we will lodge with ASIC and the ASIC Register will be updated.

What other compliance services are needed for new companies?

We can look after your ASIC compliance needs and act as your registered agent with ASIC ensuring annual compliance with Australian Corporations Law. Click here for more information.

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