Patricia Holdings provide an extensive range of company secretarial services in Australia to ensure that changes you make to your company are documented properly and ASIC is notified of the changes.

We prepare all the required minutes and resolutions and lodge the appropriate form with ASIC leaving you to focus on your business. 

Our broad list of company secretarial services is outlined below. If you need help with something that isn't on the list, please contact us to see if we can help.

Standard ASIC Company Changes

from$121 (INCL GST)

We ensure that all the changes you make to your company are documented properly and we also notify ASIC.  We provide you with all the required minutes and resolutions for execution, and we lodge the Form 484 with ASIC leaving you with nothing more to do. If you want to make sure changes to your company are done properly, you can trust Patricia Holdings. 

Standard changes include:

  • Changes to Officeholders - appointment and resignations of Directors and Secretaries
  • Changes of Addresses - Registered Office and Principal Place of Business, Officeholder and Members addresses
  • Share Transfers
  • Share Issues

Convert Public to/from Pty Ltd Company

from$753 (INCL ASIC FEE $93 & GST)

Under s162 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), Public companies limited by shares can be converted to or from standard Pty Ltd companies. A company may be instructed by ASIC to do so, or, a company may voluntarily choose to do this.

What does Patricia Holdings provide:

  • A new constitution (if necessary)
  • Notice of the holding of a members’ meeting that provides 21 days notice
  • A members’ minute approving the proposal
  • ASIC forms which must be signed by an officeholder and returned to us
  • Any additional information that is required due to the nature of the conversion.

Change of Company Name

from$639 (INCL ASIC FEE $474 & GST)

If you wish to change the name of your existing company, we can prepare all necessary Forms and resolutions for you and lodge all Forms with ASIC. We are also able to process all documents concurrently should you wish to swap the names of two or more of your companies.

Close Company

from$168 (INCL ASIC FEE $47 & GST)

We can apply for voluntary deregistration of your company through ASIC if you no longer require the company. This is subject to several prerequisites to ensure the company is no longer trading and has no outstanding debts.

Reservation of Company Name

from$147 (INCL ASIC FEE $59 & GST)

A company name can be reserved for you for a period of two months should you wish to secure the name but do not yet have all the details required to incorporate the company. This reservation can be withdrawn at any time if required.

Production of Company Common Seal

$88.00 (INCL GST)

Common seals can be produced for companies, strata titles or any other entity which allows for a common seal. A company's constitution may allow for the execution of documents using the seal.

Reconstruction of Company Register

from$352 (INCL GST)

If you have lost all the documents relating to your company and therefore do not have a Company Register, we can prepare the necessary documents for you to reconstruct your Company Register as it would have been from the date of incorporation. This includes issuing a constitution and obtaining a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation.

Company Register Pack

from$231 (INCL GST)

If you have registered your company directly with ASIC or another provider and do not have a Company Register, we can prepare the necessary documents for you so you can remain compliant with Corporations Law. This includes issuing a constitution and obtaining a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation.

Company Searches

from$64 (INCL ASIC FEE & GST)

Documentation reflecting the current status of your company can be obtained instantly in most cases. This can be provided in the form of current information only or with complete details on Officeholders, Members and addresses since incorporation. We are also able to obtain copies of all documents lodged with ASIC for the life of your company - instantly for documents lodged after 1991.

Adoption Of New Constitution

from$176 (INCL GST)

If your Company has lost is Constitution or is currently functioning under a Memorandum and Articles of Association, an old Constitution or ASIC's Replaceable Rules, it may not enable the Company to operate with a Sole Director or Shareholder. We can provide your Company with an updated Constitution which includes all current changes to the Corporations Act.

Conversion To Sole Person Company

from$242 (INCL GST)

In addition to adopting a new Constitution for the Company enabling it to operate with a Sole Director and Shareholder, we can process all the required clerical work to resign Company Directors and/or transfer shares necessary to change the Company into a Sole person format. All relevant ASIC Forms can be prepared and all necessary minutes or resolutions can be provided to you.

Convert Company Type

from$242 (INCL GST)

If it is necessary to change your Company from its current type, we can convert to and from Public, Proprietary, Sole Purpose Superannuation Trustee, Not-For-Profit and Company Title Property (Home Unit) Companies. All conversions are processed through ASIC with all relevant minutes and resolutions provided, all Forms are completed for you and the appropriate Constitution adopted.

Share Cancellation

from$330 (INCL GST)

The Corporations Act limits a company’s ability to reduce its share capital prior to the company being wound up. The main reason for this is to protect the interests of creditors who are faced with the principle of limited liability should the company become insolvent, but also acts to protect the interests of and ensure fairness between shareholders. 

A company can reduce its issued share capital in a number of ways under the Corporations Act 2001 

Share Class Conversion

from$550 (INCL GST)

Subject to the governing documents, a company may convert shares from one class of shares to another. Section 246F(1)(b) of the Corporations Act 2001 states that a company must lodge notice in the prescribed form following “a conversion of shares in a class of shares in the company into shares in another class.”

In order to notify ASIC of this change, a Form Notification of division or conversion of classes of shares will need to be lodged. In order to avoid late fees, this form will need to be lodged within 14 days of the date of the conversion and cannot be lodged online.

Share Split

from$660 (INCL GST)

A company may convert its shares into a larger or smaller number by shareholders simply passing an ordinary resolution at an (Extraordinary) General Meeting [CA sec 254H].

Such a process might be seen as beneficial, particularly in a stock exchange listed company, to enhance the company’s profile and/or trading in its shares and/or market acceptability because it is seen by some parties as having ‘too many’ or ‘too few’ shares on issue and out ‘in the market’.

Company Reinstatement

from$495 (INCL GST)

Reinstatement will restore a company to registered as if it was never deregistered.

If ASIC approves reinstatement, the entity will be revived as if it had never been deregistered, and all the directors and shareholders resume their rights and responsibilities as they were at the time of deregistration.

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