Outsourced Company Secretarial Services - ASIC Compliance for Accountants, Lawyers and Professionals

Are you an Accounting, Law or Financial Advisory firm, Accountant, Lawyer or Professional, spending hours managing tedious compliance documents for your clients, when you could be better off spending your time giving advice instead? We believe that you’re not alone!

We offer an outsourced service to manage annual company secretarial ASIC compliance for your customers. We help alleviate the stress and time spent working through ASIC’s requirements and lodgement schedules without you having to change how you engage with your customers.

How does the Outsourced Company Secretarial ASIC Compliance Service work?

This company secretarial subscription is a concierge service which means you don’t need to spend money on new software or devote your time to learning how to use it.

As a first step, we import the companies you manage into our database. Then it's just a matter of letting us know when you require ASIC Compliance Company Secretarial changes. At renewal time, we will download the Annual Statements, preparing and sending Annual Review packs to you or your customers on your behalf for approval before signing, approval and payment with ASIC..

Best of all, you remain the registered agent with ASIC and we prepare documentation as if it were from you. Simple.

If you would like further information about  our outsourced company secretarial services, let us know your details below and our team will be in touch shortly.


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What do you mean by "Managed"?

This subscription service is an outsourced Company Secretarial subscription. When we say “Managed” we simply mean that this service is a concierge compliance service where we do all the legwork leaving your current company appointments in place.

Basically, Patricia Holdings will act as your outsourced Company Secretary without your clients ever needing to know, leaving you as the ASIC Registered Agent too.

How do I notify ASIC of changes to my companies?

You simply email our Customer Service team and let us know the company and the changes. We will then generate the ASIC Forms and related documentation (including Minutes, consents, resignations etc) and send them to you, or directly to your client if you so choose, for signing before lodging with ASIC.

This is a Concierge Company Secretarial service which means that you don’t have to worry about paying for or learning new software, or keeping up to date with ASIC’s requirements and lodgement schedules.

How much does the Managed Company Secretarial ASIC Compliance Service cost?

That depends on how many companies you need us to manage.

Simple Pricing* To Suit & Scale Every Firm


Under 25 Companies



25 to 250 Companies



250 to 500 Companies



Over 500 Companies


* Prices as listed are per company, per year, billed annually

How much money can I save by outsourcing my Company Secretarial work?

Typically, we find that our customers spend on average $6-12K/annum in licence fees and up to 2 man-hours on each company just for the ASIC Annual Review alone. The cost to our customers, therefore, is typically between $120 and $150, per company, per year. We can reduce the cost to you substantially, and the best part is that you can get those hours back in your day which you can use to provide advisory services to your clients helping you to achieve increased revenues.

Standard Company Secretarial ASIC Compliance Subscription Package Inclusions

The standard Company Secretarial subscription service includes up to 3 lodgements per company per year with a maximum of 10 changes on each lodgement.

Please note that any lodgements requiring over 10 individual changes or beyond the 3 included lodgements will be charged at $90+GST each.

We're also happy to organise quarterly catch-ups with your team to ensure that we’re meeting your needs and to refine how we work together.

Unlimited Company Secretarial ASIC Compliance Subscription Inclusions

The unlimited Company Secretarial subscription service includes unlimited lodgements per company per year. These lodgements are not limited to the same 10 changes on each lodgement as in the standard service.

We're also happy to organise quarterly catch-ups with your team to ensure that we’re meeting your needs and to refine how we work together.

What changes are included in the Company Secretarial subscription?

Generation and distribution of the ASIC Annual Statement and annual renewal fee invoice, and the following standard ASIC changes:

  • Changes to company addresses
  • Appointment and cessation of company officeholders
  • Addition or removal of an ultimate holding company
  • Changes to the company’s share structure including new issues and transfers of shares
  • Changes to officeholder or member details such as names and addresses

What’s not included in the Company Secretarial service?

Anything that is outside of the above standard changes including but not limited to, company name changes, deregistrations, company register reconstructions, share conversions and share cancellations. These services are priced based on complexity.

What response times can I expect if I subscribe to the Outsourced Company Secretarial service?

Once notification of a change to a company has been received by email, we generally aim for ASIC Forms to be prepared and documents sent out for approval and signing within 8 hours during business hours.

ASIC lodgement schedules dictate that ASIC should be notified of changes to a company within 28 days of the change to avoid late fees.

Around the anniversary of each companies registration date, ASIC will issue the Annual Statement and renewal fee invoice to us electronically within a few days of it being issued. We will then prepare within 2 business days the Annual Review document pack which is compromised of the ASIC Annual Statement, annual renewal fee invoice and a Solvency Resolution for signing.

On-Boarding & Data Transfer

Upon signing up to the Managed Company Secretarial ASIC Compliance service, we will setup your companies on our system, which will allow us to manage ASIC compliance for your customers. We will also work with you to setup processes around managing communications with your customers, and approval processes so that you are comfortable and retain the level of involvement and control you want.

For the basic data import service, we can generally have the current company data imported into our system within 48 hours and be ready to make changes. If you require full historical reconstructions, a once off fee would be incurred and we would need to quote based on the company’s history. 

Our Customer Service team will contact you if any further information is required. This is a one-off step and going forward, we can manage the changes and export the information to you if required.

Where do the ASIC communications go if I am subscribed to the Outsourced Company Secretarial service?

As this service allows you to simply outsource the legwork of Company Secretarial tasks you will remain the registered ASIC agent and therefore any hard copy ASIC notifications will come to you. In most cases, such as in the case of the Annual Review,  we will be able to download these notifications through the electronic mailbox in our system so there's no need to forward them to us.

How can I access my client’s ASIC data while subscribed to the Company Secretarial service?

If you would like to retain access to your clients’ company data, we can provide you with restricted access to our system to view the Company Debt Monitor and pending ASIC lodgements.

How do I renew my Company Secretarial subscription?

Our Customer Service team will be in touch with you before your subscription expires to ensure that you can focus on your business and not on the paperwork.

Can I cancel my Outsourced Company Secretarial subscription?

While this is an annual subscription, you can call our Customer Service team and cancel your Managed Company Secretarial subscription at any time. We will then be able to export all your documents in PDF and send them over to you. We can also export any changes made while using our service into certain file types reading for import into different compliance software. This would need to be discussed at the time of cancellation. If we have any printed documents on file, we can arrange delivery of those to your offices. Please note that we cannot provide any pro-rata refunds as this is an annual fee.

What else can you do for me?

We have a range of Company and Trust secretarial services above and beyond the changes included in your subscription. For details, please call our Customer Service team on (02) 9953 2399.