1 years registration - $101 (inc. GST & ASIC Fee of $35)
3 years registration - $126 (inc. GST & ASIC Fee of $82)

Business names are registered with ASIC and take effect in all states and territories in Australia. 

You can register your business name for 1 year or for 3 years. 

What's included? 

When the order is received Patricia Holdings will lodge the application electronically with ASIC.

We will send you a copy of the lodged application for your records. 

ASIC then processes the application and will send a Business Name Registration Certificate and Confirmation  to the “Address for Service” address provided on the application form.

If the name is flagged for “manual review” it will take longer to process. ASIC will flag a name for manual review the following reasons:

  • It includes words unknown to ASIC
  • It contains a restricted word or expression, and/or
  • It contains a potentially undesirable word or expression
How to Order

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