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Trust set up in Australia is fast and easy with our online trust set up platform. In addition to family trust set up, we can help you set up a range of trusts in Australia. A Trust is an arrangement where an asset or assets are held by a Trustee for the benefit of other persons or entities. In a Family (Discretionary) Trust, the assets are held by the Trustee for the Beneficiaries of the Trust. In the case of a Unit Trust, the Trustee holds the assets for the Unit Holders.  When a Trust is established, a document is required to set out the rules under which the Trust must operate. This is known as a ‘Trust Deed’ and, in conjunction with Trust Law, it provides a set of rules for the establishment and operation of a Trust. 

Patricia Holdings provides an extensive range of Trust Deeds. All our Trust Deeds are prepared by a Solicitor who specialises in this area and you can have the State of Jurisdiction of your choice.

In addition, Patricia Holdings acts as an agent for the New South Wales Office of State Revenue and the Victorian State Revenue Office. If your Trust Deed has NSW or Victoria as the State of Jurisdiction, we can Duty Stamp your Trust Deeds as well. This can occur once the Trust Deed has been executed. A small fee applies for this service.  Call us or chat with online if you have any questions before setting up a trust.

Following is a list of Trust Deed structures which we can provide for you:

  • Family Trust

    Family (Discretionary) Trust is a common form of Trust Deed often used in tax and asset protection planning, in which Trustees can freely distribute trust income and assets to beneficiaries named in the Trust Deed.

  • Unit Trusts differ from Family Trusts in that the beneficiaries are defined via ownership of Units in the Trust rather than by family relationships. These Units are much the same in concept to Company Shares and represent a direct portion of the value of the Assets held by the Trust.

  • This Trust Deed is intended to address the decision of the New South Wales Land Tax Office to permit a fixed Trust Deed to receive the benefit of the applicable tax free threshold for land tax purposes.

  • Our standard form of Multi Class Unit Trust Deed incorporates thirteen (13) classes of units each with different rights relating to capital, income and voting. This can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

  • Hybrid Trust

    A Hybrid Trust Deed is a Unit Trust Deed which incorporates the features of a Family Trust Deed with the Trust Deed being divided into classes.

  • Bare Trust

    A Bare Trust (Asset Acquisition Trust) Deed is established to allow a Superannuation Trust Deed to borrow money for purchasing assets like real estate, listed securities, units in a Unit Trust Deed and even works of art.

  • All Specialty Trust Deeds are prepared on an individual basis but samples can be provided.