Discretionary Trust Deeds

From $280.50 (inc GST) for email version

This is a common form of Trust Deed which is often used in tax and asset protection planning, in which Trustees can freely distribute trust income and assets to beneficiaries named in the Trust Deed. Typically, a Trust Deed will list a small number of people as nominated or specified beneficiaries and then add as general beneficiaries a wide class of people usually including linear and lateral relatives of the nominated beneficiaries, Trust Deeds, Companies and Partnerships in which the nominated beneficiaries have an interest.

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Patricia Holdings offers two types of Discretionary Trust Deeds namely:

1. Standard Discretionary Trust Deed (where charities can be beneficiaries)

Under this form of Discretionary Trust Deed, the Trustee may distribute to charities in addition to having the wide discretion to distribute to the nominated beneficiaries, relatives of the nominated beneficiaries and Trust Deeds, Companies and partnerships in which the nominated beneficiaries have an interest.

This is the most common form of Discretionary Trust Deed and is popular because it gives Trustees the flexibility to make tax deductible distributions to charities.

2. Standard Discretionary Trust Deed (charities excluded)

This Trust Deed is identical to the above Discretionary Trust Deed but it specifically prevents Trustees from making distributions to charities.

3. Discretionary Trust Deed –Foreign beneficiaries excluded

This Trust Deed specifically prevents foreign individuals and entities from being included as beneficiaries of the Trust.

To order a Deed that excludes foreign beneficiaries, please contact Patricia Holdings as this product is not available to be ordered online.

Optional printing, binding and delivery - an additional $44 (inc GST)

Patricia Holdings offers an online, email version of your Trust Deed for only $280.50 (inc GST). If you would like your documents printed, bound and delivered it is an extra $44 (i.e. $324.50).

What is included in the Discretionary Trust Deed Package?

  • A4 binder (white or grey)
  • 4 bound copies of trust deed
  • Instruction sheet
  • Stamping instructions
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Notes for the assistance of the Trustee
  • Minute page if Corporate Trustee


Duty Stamping of Trust Deeds

Please note that the Stamp Duty cost is not included in the listed price for the Discretionary Trust Deed. Trust Deeds established in either NSW or Victoria need to be duty stamped upon execution.

NSW The Office of State Revenue fees are $500 for the original deed and $10 for subsequent duplicates on top of the above trust deed prices. A service fee of $60 including GST is applicable.

Victoria The State Revenue Office fees are $200, regardless of the number of duplicates, on top of the above trust deed prices. A service fee of $60 including GST is applicable.

How long does it take to establish a Discretionary Trust Deed?

For email delivery orders, the Trust Deed and related documentation will be emailed to you within 2 hours.

If you have selected to have your documentation printed, bound and couriered, documents will be delivered within 4 working hours for Sydney CBD and lower north shore areas (order must be received by 12pm for same day delivery), and will be sent by overnight courier for next day delivery to Brisbane and Melbourne (order must be received by 4pm for delivery the next day) and within a couple of days to Perth and regional areas.

How to Order

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