Unit Trust Deeds

From $280.50 (inc GST) for email version

Unit Trust Deeds can be established as an alternative to a Company, if appropriate in your situation. Managed by trustees, assets of a Unit Trust Deed are held by the Trustee, Unit Holders own a share of the Trust Deed in accordance with the number of units held.

pdf Click here to view Roles in a Unit Trust Deed

Patricia Holdings offers a number of Unit Trust Deeds, namely:

1. Standard Unit Trust Deeds

A basic format of a Unit Trust Deed, this enables unit holders to share in the distribution of income each year in accordance with the number of units they own and, when the Trust Deed is ultimately wound up, a distribution of capital also in proportion to the number of units which a beneficiary owns. Each Unit carries the right to one vote. The Unit Holders have an entitlement, upon a 62% vote, to ask the Trustee to terminate the Trust Deed at any time. The Trustee may re-purchase units at any time and the units are saleable but must first be offered to other Unit Holders before being sold on the open market. The Unit Holders have no direct ownership or interest in the Trust Deed property. Unit Holders merely own their units and nothing else.

2. Fixed Unit Trust Deed

This is similar to the Standard Unit Trust Deed. However, it gives unit holders a defined ownership of the Trust Deed property and capital of the Trust Deed when the Trust Deed is wound up. It also provides the Unit Holders the entitlement, upon a 62% vote, to ask the Trustee to terminate the Trust Deed at any time. This Trust Deed has the same format as a Standard Unit Trust except that the Trust Deed specifically provides that Unit Holders have an ownership in the Trust Deed property in direct proportion to the unit holding and Unit Holders are to receive the income from any real estate owned by the Trust Deed.

3. Multi-Class Unit Trust Deed

Our standard form of Multi Class Unit Trust Deed incorporates thirteen (13) classes of units each with different rights relating to capital, income and voting. This can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

pdf Multi Class Unit Trust Deed - List of Classes

4. Simple Hybrid Trust Deed

A Hybrid Trust Deed is a Unit Trust Deed which incorporates the features of a Discretionary Trust Deed with the Trust Deed being divided into classes. This enables Units to be issued in much the same way as a Standard Unit Trust Deed or a Multi-Class Unit Trust Deed but for the Trust Deed also to have a class of Units that are totally discretionary permitting income and capital to be distributed amongst the Unit Holders as determined from time to time by the Trustee.

Optional printing, binding and delivery - an additional $44 (inc. GST)

Patricia Holdings offers an online, email version of your Trust Deed for only $280.50 (inc GST). If you would like your documents printed, bound and delivered it is an extra $44 (ie $324.50).

What is included in the Unit Trust Deed Package?

  • A4 binder (white or grey)
  • 4 bound copies of trust
  • Instruction sheet
  • Stamping instructions
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Notes for the assistance of the Trustee
  • Minute page if Corporate Trustee
  • Register of Unit Holders
  • Application for Units
  • Unit Certificate

Duty Stamping of Trust Deeds

Please note that the Stamp Duty cost is not included in the listed price for the Unit Trust Deed. Trust Deeds established in either NSW or Victoria need to be duty stamped upon execution.

NSW The Office of State Revenue fees are $500 for the original trust deed and $10 for subsequent duplicates on top of the above trust deed prices. A service fee of $60 including GST is applicable.

Victoria The State Revenue Office fees are $200, regardless of the number of duplicates, on top of the above trust deed prices. A service fee of $60 including GST is applicable.

How long does it take to establish a Unit Trust Deed?

For email delivery orders, the Trust Deed and related documentation will be emailed to you within 2 hours.

If you have selected to have your documentation printed, bound and couriered, documents will be delivered within 4 working hours for Sydney CBD and lower north shore areas (order must be received by 12pm for same day delivery), and will be sent by overnight courier for next day delivery to Brisbane and Melbourne (order must be received by 4pm for delivery the next day) and within a couple of days to Perth and regional areas.

How to Order

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> Register a Single/Multi/Hybrid Class Unit Trust Deed by Email/Fax

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