ABN Registration

Learn how to register a company, how best to set up a company in Australia via ASIC and more.

We will need information regarding:

ABN/TFN Registration:

  • Details of the entity including name and contact details
  • The business’ general activities
  • Authorised contact details (these are the individuals who are permitted to liaise with the ATO on behalf of the entity)
  • Associate details (these are the individuals and organisations who play a role in the entity)
    • Associate Individuals
      - Legal name
      - Date of birth
      - Position(s)
      - TFN or residential address
    • Associate Organisations:
      - Legal name
      - ACN, ARBN or ABN if applicable
      - TFN or address and date of incorporation

GST Registration:

  • Estimated annual sales turnover
  • Desired GST reporting period (monthly, quarterly or annually)
    NB not all options are available to all entities.

PAYG Registration:

  • Estimated number of employees (including directors receiving a salary)
  • Estimated amount of income tax to be withheld

ABN Registration

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