ASIC Annual Statements

Learn what ASIC annual reviews are and how we can help.

If you appoint Patricia Holdings as your registered agent, or engage us to handle your corporate compliance solution, every year for each company we manage we will:

  • review the annual statement to ensure consistency with the company‚Äôs current details and those on the ASIC register. If any changes are required, we will prepare the appropriate forms and forward through to the company for signing before lodgement
  • prepare the minutes required for the company directors to pass a solvency resolution whether solvent or insolvent. If a negative solvency resolution is reached, we will prepare the required form 485 for lodgement with ASIC.
  • forward the completed annual review to the company, together with the ASIC annual review fee invoice and the solvency resolution for signing by the directors.
  • lodge the signed and completed documents with ASIC.
  • send out a courtesy email to the company reminding them to pay the ASIC invoice by the due date to minimise the risk of late fees imposed.

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