Company Registration

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The Public Officer of a company is the person who deals with the Tax Office in relation to the company's taxation affairs such as record keeping and submitting company returns.

Under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (Cth), Companies are required to appoint a Public Officer within 3 months of the company commencing to carry on a business or derive an income in Australia. If a Company doesn't appoint a Public Officer within that 3 month period, it is guilty of an offence for each day it doesn’t have a Public Officer. Please note that we are unable to appoint the Public Officer on your behalf at the time of incorporation. 

We do however provide both a Consent to Act as Public Officer template and a notification letter that you can send to the ATO after incorporation to ensure compliance. Please note however that the Public Officer can only be appointed to a company that has a TFN and/or ABN.

If Patricia Holidings completes the ABN application for your company you will be asked to nominate a Public Officer and and we are able to appoint this person at the time of lodging the ABN/TFN application.

The appointed Public Officer a must be at least 18 years of age, an Australian resident and must understand the nature of their appointment.

Company Registration

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