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Notifying ASIC of changes to the details of a company, such as the removal of a director, is done using a Form 484 ‘Changes to Company Details’ which is lodged online. The exact procedure that must be followed where a director is resigning from a proprietary company will depend on its governing documents (constitution or replaceable rules).

Before lodging the Form to remove a director, you should ensure that the minimum officeholder requirements for that particular company type will continue to be met. A proprietary company must have at least one director who resides in Australia, and a public company must have at least 3 directors with at least two residing in Australia.

Patricia Holdings provide you with the required minutes or resolution, notification of resignation as well as the preparation and lodgement of the Form 484 with ASIC, leaving you with nothing more to do. Simply place your order for ‘Standard ASIC Company Changes’ as part of our company secretarial service.

Company Secretarial

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