Family Trust

Learn what a Family Trust is, the tax benefits of setting up a Family Trust in Australia and more.

The Beneficiaries or Beneficiary are the persons or person for whom the Trust is established. There are commonly two levels/types of Beneficiaries.

Nominated Beneficiaries are named and are intended to be the primary Beneficiaries of the trust. A Patricia Holdings deed allows for a broad pool of General Beneficiaries associated with the Nominated Beneficiaries to give the Trustee maximum flexibility. Our Trust deed allows for the following to be deemed General Beneficiaries:

Relations of the Nominated Beneficiaries which includes the parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, widows, widowers, children, children’s children, adopted children, and any lineal or lateral relation of the “Nominated Beneficiaries”, the spouses, widows, widowers, children and grandchildren of such brothers, sisters, spouses, children and descendants and next of kin. These include any person filling any of the above categories by reason of lineage, adoption or bona fide domestic relationship, including a bona fide relationship between persons of the same gender.” “Related Corporations and Trusts”, “Directors of Related Corporations”, “Shareholders of Related  Corporations”, “Legal Personal Representative” of a General Beneficiary, and “Charities and Institutions”

The Trust deed also provides for Additional General Beneficiaries. These are Beneficiaries (persons or companies) who are not related to the Nominated Beneficiaries, so are not included in the pool of General Beneficiaries (as defined above). Persons or companies related to Additional General Beneficiaries are not included in the pool of General Beneficiaries.

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Family Trust

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