Family Trust

Learn what a Family Trust is, the tax benefits of setting up a Family Trust in Australia and more.

The Trustee can be an individual or a company and is appointed by the Appointor when the Trust is first established. If the Trustee is an individual the Trustee should be a person in whom the Appointor and the Beneficiaries have total confidence. Commonly (and this is the Patricia Holdings recommendation) the Trustee is a company. If the Trustee is a company then the directors of the company should be individuals in whom the Beneficiaries have total confidence. There is a legal separation between individuals in their capacity as Directors of the company and their capacity as Beneficiaries of a Trust. It is very common for the Directors of the Trustee Company to be the same individuals as the Nominated Beneficiaries so in effect the Nominated Beneficiaries have effective control and management of the Trust.

Family Trust

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