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Company title schemes were introduced in NSW around 1920 with strata schemes introduced in the 1960s. Generally speaking, the main difference between company title and strata title schemes are that unlike with strata title, in company title the company title owner does not have the title to any real estate but has, through ownership of shares in the home unit company, the right to occupy an apartment or unit in the building owned by the home unit company. A strata title owner on the other hand will obtain a legal interest in the real estate defined by the registered strata plan.

Company title is less common than strata title, as most buildings have chosen to change to strata title but in some areas, company title remains the norm. The shares in the company should correspond to the value of the units based on the size and location of the units in the building. Unlike with strata title, the buyer of a company title home unit does not receive a certificate of title to the property but instead they receive a share certificate.

In company title properties, the Board of Directors is also required to approve the share transfer to a prospective buyer whereas this same approval process is not a requirement of strata title properties.

Company Registration

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