Trust Stamping

Learn how we can help you save time and effort by stamping your trust deed for you.

A digitally signed deed means signed using a Certification Authority such as Docusign or AdobeSign.

We can stamp digitally signed deeds in NSW if:

  1. All participants must agree to this form of signing.
  2. All participants must use digital signatures- Electronic signatures via certified platforms - such methods as Docu-sign or Adobe Sign.
  3. Once printed, the deed is not considered digitally signed and will be treated as copies of the deed and cannot be used for stamp duty purposes.
  4. A copy of the duties statement (to be provided by Patricia Holdings once stamp duty has been processed) should be kept with the digitally signed trust deed throughout the life of the trust.

We still require certified copies of trustees ID’s if they are individuals, and a declaration of execution to be signed (which is included in our order form).

Trust Stamping

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