Trust Stamping

Learn how we can help you save time and effort by stamping your trust deed for you.

Stamp duty is a state-based tax therefore applies differently in each state or territory. You should determine whether or not your deed needs to be stamped by contacting the relevant state revenue authority or by seeking assistance from a local accountant or lawyer. Even if no duty is payable, the trust deed may still need to be lodged with the revenue authority for marking that no duty is payable.

Stamp duty is not payable on a declaration of trust (i.e. upon execution) in the ACT, QLD, SA, TAS and WA.
In NSW, duty is payable within 90 days of execution at a cost of $500 + $10 for each duplicate.
In VIC, duty is payable within 30 days of execution at a cost of $200.
In NT, duty is payable within 60 days of execution at a cost of $20 + $5 for each duplicate.

Trust Stamping

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