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If changes have occurred to Trustees or Unit Holders of the Trust Deeds, we can provide relevant forms and resolutions for the following:

  • Resignation of Trustee
  • Consent to Act as Trustee
  • Appointment of new Trustee
  • Change of Trust Deed Name
  • Issue of Units
  • Transfer of Units
  • Conversion of Units

Changes to Land Tax on Trust Deeds in NSW have occurred as a result of a recent court ruling. Many existing Standard Unit Trust Deeds are now deemed to be Specialty Trust Deeds and are therefore not eligible for the tax-free threshold which exists on Land Tax for Fixed Trust Deeds. We can amend your current Trust Deed to change its status to a Fixed Trust Deed (only applicable for Unit Trust Deeds that were established by Patricia Holdings) for NSW Land Tax purposes and therefore ensure these tax savings.

What is included in the Changes to Unit Trust Deeds Package?

All Forms and resolutions necessary depending on what type of change you are making.

How long does it take to make Changes to Unit Trust Deeds?

All basic changes will be completed and either emailed or posted to you within one day of ordering.

For any other changes, you will be notified by Patricia Holdings staff of an expected timeframe when you place your order.

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