from $36.50 (incl ASIC FEE & GST)

Documentation reflecting the current status of your company can usually be obtained instantly. This can be provided in the form of current information only or with complete details on Officeholders, Members and addresses since incorporation. We are also able to obtain copies of all documents lodged with ASIC for the life of your company - instantly for documents lodged after 1991.

What type of Searches are available?

ASIC search documents can include:

  • Current Company Extract
  • Historical Company Extract
  • Person Search
  • Copy of Certificate of Registration
  • Copy of Documents lodged (Document Image)
  • Previously lodged copies of Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&As)

How long does a Company Search take?

For the most part, most documents can be downloaded from ASIC and emailed to you same day as ordering (if ordering before 4pm during business hours).

ASIC documents pre dating the 1991 electronic archives (such as previously lodged Forms or Memorandum & Articles of Association) can take up to 4 weeks as ASIC must extract these documents from their archives before they can upload them to their electronic register. For a service fee, Patricia Holdings will prepare a Form 961 and lodge with ASIC. Once the documents have been uploaded to their electronic system, they will be downloaded and emailed to you in PDF.

How to Order

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