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All Share issues (allotments) or Share transfers can be processed, including the provision of all relevant ASIC Forms and all necessary minutes or resolutions to update your Share structure. Additionally, new Share Certificates can be provided to you at an additional cost.

What is included in the Share Transfers / Share Issues Package?

  • Members' resolution (as required)
  • Directors' resolution (as required)
  • Security transfer forms (as required)
  • Copy of ASIC Form 484
  • Share Certificates (optional extra)

How long does the Share Transfer or Share Issue take?

Your documents will be completed by Patricia Holdings staff the same day for all orders placed before 4pm. The ASIC Form 484 will be lodged once we receive the signed copy back from you. If Share Certificates are ordered, these will be prepared and sent to you via email (or post at an additional fee).

How to Order

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